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Issue 01- July 2023


Through the power of visual art and expression, Art Speaks emerges as a platform voicing the crucial need to integrate visual art and social-emotional learning in the educational system. Our inaugural issue unifies collective efforts in the art education ecosystem, presenting diverse experiences and voices relevant to individuals and organizations promoting sustainable art integration in education. Explore thought-provoking articles, insightful interviews, and captivating stories of impact, highlighting art's influence on meaningful learning experiences. Together, we foster a collective voice that resonates, prioritizing art education and catalyzing a harmonious chorus of change, where art truly speaks!

Inside our inaugural issue!


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In a remarkable contribution, Rati Forbes pens an inspiring foreword for Art Speaks' inaugural issue.

Her words acknowledge and delve into the need for a platform that voices the collective efforts being carried out by diverse organizations in social emotional learning and arts in education


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Visual arts education at grassroot level in India

by Tanushree Patel

This article addresses current challenges and needs in the education system, emphasizing the need of safe spaces for children. Illustrating the existing strengths as a potent foundation.


Classrooms as spaces of joy

by Tanushree Patel

This article explores how visual arts create joyful learning spaces, nurturing critical thinking and collaboration in children, while enhancing emotional intelligence and holistic development.

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A creative approach towards education

by Rukhmini Bhatia

The author shares insights from her journey as Program Lead at Saturday Art Class, highlighting the need for a creative and systemic approach to bridge gaps and integrate social-emotional-learning and art education in mainstream systems of education.


Enabling creative experiences for children in education

by Keerthi Sharma

This article brings experiences of working with children in art classes and highlights how the structure of the art class plans plays an essential part in aiding children's creativity and imagination.


With Sriram Ayer

Founder and CEO of NalandaWay- Sriram Ayer, shares about his convictions on art as a catalyst to nurture hope, resilience, and courage in children and gets candid about his journey in the sector.




Unveiling Badri Narayan’s

artistic journey

Spotlighting Padma Shree Artist Badri Narayan, a treasure trove of wonder and stories. The article explores his self-taught journey, contributions to Modern art rooted in Indian art, and why he's indispensable for arts education.

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