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Our flagship programs work towards strengthening and enhancing the creative and social-emotional development of children through visual arts

At Saturday Art Class, we partner with educational Institutions and organizations across the country to impart  arts education. Through our three flagship programs, we build capacity in educators and students through visual-arts integrated learning to strengthen and enhance creative and social-emotional development. These programs are designed to build scale, depth, and advocacy for visual arts in the education sector so that every student is provided the access to opportunities that inspire creativity!
Introducing our three flagship programs-
Art for Educator Program.png

Art for Educator

Art for Educator is a year-long training program for educators/teachers/ paraeducators from schools and organizations across India.


Through trainings we provide as part of this program , we build capacity in educators through visual-arts integrated learning further strengthening and enhancing the creative, social-emotional development of children in education.

Art Labs

Art Labs is our research and development program, pioneering in-depth study into inferring student outcomes, best practices and insights from classrooms achieved through engagement in visual-arts in our current context. 

Through research and development, we capture growth of our children on lifelong learning outcomes they are engaged in visual arts, identify unique behaviors centered around creative facilitative practices of educators  that enables the building of outcomes for children, and gather other relevant proof points that emerge when children are engaged in visual arts and social emotional learning spaces. 


Art-a-day is a workshop-based program wherein we conduct spaces for a varied demographic that includes children, educators/paraeducators, caregivers and/or adults.


Our workshops aim to give participants a unique and fun experience of a Saturday Art Class intervention through visual arts and social-emotional learning.

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