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Our open-source quarterly digital magazine that serves as a medium to share research findings and voices from the art education sector.

Issue 02- December 2023

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After an encouraging response for Art Speaks Issue 01, we are thrilled to share the second issue with everyone!

Art Speaks is an open-source quarterly digital magazine by Saturday Art Class, created to address the need for a platform that voices the collective efforts being carried out by diverse organizations and stakeholders in the realm of social-emotional learning and arts in education.

In this issue, we've curated a mix of thoughtful and insightful articles that cover various views around the vast canvas of arts and education. We're excited for you to dive in, relish the articles and share it within your network! 

Inside our 2nd issue!



Our Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer Chhavi Khandelwal dedicates our issue 2 "Narratives of Visual Art" to our community that is collectively shaping millions of lives positively through the medium of arts.


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No Art is Bad Art 

by Jade Fernandez and Vibhor

This article by Vibhor and Jade Fernandez, sheds light on the organisation, Slam Out Loud’s approach aimed towards dispelling the notion that art must conform to specific standards. Through real stories, it emphasizes the importance of unlearning perfection, fostering an environment where every form of expression is valid.

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What do educators think about arts?

by Akash Gaikwad and Dharmesh Moleshri

Embracing a belief that "we are all artists" the article brings forth the experiences of educators who have been facilitating visual arts, highlighting their journeys with art.


Art and it's Undeniable Capacity to Change the Heart

by Maahi Shah
Supported by Maithili Redkar

Delves into evolving views of art in different professions, from culinary arts to medicine. Maahi, highlights the significance of arts in the personal and professional lives of individuals.


Amplifying Voices for Social Justice through Art

by Sivani Rajani and Priyal Patki
Supported by Maithili Redkar & Mitali Dixit

A special feature that follows the journeys of young people whose art journey started with Saturday Art Class. They are now a part of the organisation, Nazaria Collective, where they use varied art forms such as photography, visual art, zine making, poetry to express themselves.

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by Kristine Rodricks

The spotlight on the Aravani Art Project by Kristine Rodricks emphasizes the significance of community and public art for expression on vital causes. Our children participated in a workshop, designed on this premise and experienced the power of art as a tool for social impact.


Art Beyond Paper and Crayons:

by Rukhmini Bhatia and Tanushree Patel

Exploring Lorenzo Vitturi’s Artistic Approach, discover the importance of exposing children to diverse artistic expressions. Don't miss out on the easy-to-do art plan inspired by Lorenzo Vitturi's workshop that you can try with your children at home or in the classroom!

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