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Your support can help create safe spaces for our students to help them creatively express themselves!

Our students are in need of creative safe spaces to express and explore themselves due to stark changes brought about in the field of education, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


How is my money used?

As an organization, we intervene with schools and organizations to implement our unique program that currently works towards helping students embrace the "new normal" through creative expression and exploration within and in the world around them through visual arts learning. We enlighten our students' mindset by introducing them to the life of new modern artists and their works backed by strong curricular content creation and further help them engage in creativity and exploration within their own personal spaces using art.


We greatly strive towards individual physical and emotional wellbeing, by strongly leveraging organizational development and growth; thereby socially and emotionally nurturing our team through support and personal development alongside the students we cater to.


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