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Date: 27th April, 2024Time: 10am to 5pm
Place: Pioneer Hall, 9, St John Baptist Rd, Mount Mary, Bandra West, Mumbai, 400050

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We are back with our End of Year Exhibition after 3 years!


Celebrating the journeys of over 165,000 children, we are excited to highlight their creativity and accomplishments. Embracing the notion that we are all inherently artists, the exhibition serves as a testament to our core philosophy.

The event will unite students, teachers, parents, supporters and partner, alongside the wider community, fostering a profound sense of belonging and community spirit. Beyond celebration, it will also serve as a platform to communicate SArC's mission and emphasize the vital role of arts in education, nurturing creativity and critical thinking. Additionally, it presents a valuable opportunity to engage with potential partners, sponsors, and collaborators, further amplifying our impact and reach.

So mark your calendars and don't forget to visit our End of Year Exhibition!

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Exhibit of artwork: View the exhibit of artworks from across 60 different art themes by community of 1,65,000+ student artists who we fondly call Big Little Artists. 

Art installations: We have multiple installations created by our children and guided by our volunteers that transport you to a fantastical world of visual arts! 

Art Stations: Create art as you view our students' art work! Visit our art stations to engage in making quick art pieces! Let the artist in you shine.

Workshops: Participate in exciting hour long workshops and learn new art technique, discover new artists and explore your creativity and imagination!


Since 2016, we have proudly hosted annual exhibitions featuring our students' artworks. Catch a glimpse of our previous showcases below. Whatever catches your eye or pulls at your heart strings, just remember, this time it is even grander!

Exhibition 3.0

Exhibition 2.0

Exhibition 1.0

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