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Research output

Expressing from the he(ART)

Narratives from our classrooms

Parveen didi, a parent of one of our students shares in an interview featured in the Expressing from the he(ART), on why access to Visual Art and SEL is so crucial for her child and the changes it has brought out.

Narratives from our classrooms


Arbaaz | Grade 8

“I can use my imagination! When you take us through the exploration process and introduce different artist’s work or different styles of art and topics, I imagine how it should look, and then I draw it. It feels amazing to create something from my ideas & imagination."


Urvi | Grade 7

"I created art to show what happens around me. Gender is given to us at birth, and nobody can be blamed for it, we should be good to everyone.”

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Datta Sir

“The importance of art education is a means for students to express their emotions and experiences, which is particularly valuable for their personal and social well-being.


Kalyani Miss

 “Children will build many skills by learning about art.”

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